Batman vs Superman and a truck on fire

A day becomes more interesting on your ride home when you end up seeing a burning vehicle engulfed in flames on the side of the expressway. We had drove downtown last Friday afternoon to see where they were filming scenes for Batman vs Superman near Porter Street. They were not filming that day but we did see a few people working on props. Kids thought it was interesting. We were not allowed to take pictures up close. We took a mental picture which lasts longer.


On our way home we saw the red brake lights on vehicles in all lanes light up and thick, black smoke rising into the sky. I exited and circled around.


There was a blue pickup truck totally engulfed in flames. The amount of smoke was intense. There was a lawnmower resting a few feet behind the truck. Luckily it was not a car accident and I could see what I believed to be the driver safely awaiting help many feet in front of the truck.

Here is a short video of what we saw.


A fun and cheap day in the D!



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