Giant Slide at Belle Isle Park is open!

On Facebook last Friday, the Belle Isle Conservancy page posted that the giant slide was now open from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. I immediately sent a text to my husband. I was so excited! Our plans for Saturday were now known.


It had been years since I was on that slide. It took me back to my younger days. We no longer had to drive past the closed slide unable to experience it with our kids…..until now!

We arrived at the slide area around 12:30 pm. There was hardly any parking and lots of people enjoying the park. I was worried the line would be long. But there was no crowd or line at the slide.

The cost was $1, which is steeper than the slide itself. Fifty cents sounds more of a reasonable price. If you bought 4 tickets you did get 2 free, so we did that.

We all climbed up the lengthy stairs. We were instructed to put our whole body in the provided brown bag to slide down in.


My daughter was the first to go. She was leaning back and was instructed to lean forward. I thought she hit her head when she got to the bottom but she did not. She loved it and was ready to do it again. I went next. I held my camera, leaned forward, and started to slip down the slide!

At the 3rd hump on the slide, my body bounced a few inches into the air, I let out a little scream, came back to the slide and abruptly stopped as I came off the metal slide and onto the felt like material meant to brake you. It ended suddenly but produced a huge smile on my face and the urge to go again and again.


My son and husband were next. They also thoroughly enjoyed it.

The man and woman working at the slide were very nice and we exchanged a few fond memories about the slide and Belle Isle Park.

There was no line despite the crowd at the park. Maybe lowering the $1 a slide will produce a line and more smiles from children and parents.

So happy the giant slide is open and again part of the Belle Isle Park experience. Another memorable spot that the great city of Detroit has to offer.

Slide on!


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