Dlectricity in the D!

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We headed down to Detroit for our third consecutive Dlectricity experience. The weather was perfect, a crescent moon decorated the sky, and huge crowds gathered on the streets. We parked in a Wayne State University parking structure near the law school for $7.00. Great price, tons of parking and limited traffic.

We headed over to Woodward and went by the Detroit Historical Museum, the Detroit Institute of Arts, The MajesticThe Whitney and enjoyed some art and dancing at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Giant, mesmerizing projections covered almost the entire facades of the Detroit Institute of Arts and Detroit Public Library, bringing the wandering crowds to a halt to take it all in. You could see and feel the music and wanted to experience what was going on all around you in every direction.

daicool diacool

As we approached the Majestic Theater, we noticed the bike parade in progress. It was exciting to see so many people involved this year and the amount of creativity put into the bikes and outfits was amazing. Bikes participating included small, tandems, vintage, new, stock and custom-made. It seemed the range of bikes was as diverse as the people riding them. It was truly uplifting to see everyone on the same united path.



elephant bikeeee bike

We stopped and enjoyed a light show displayed over the alter at the Cathedral Church of St. Paul. The church itself was welcoming and beautiful.


Great night, interesting people and unique art. There was so much more to see, but our aching feet and enticing visuals along the way kept us from seeing more…until next year. Dlectricity was a memorable experience in the D!